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Over 740 Sidewalks Repaired in the Bronx

Did you know, we have repaired over 700 sidewalks in the Bronx. Let's add yours to the list.

We Specialize in Sidewalk Repair Bronx

Home to the New York Yankees, Bronx is the northernmost borough of New York City. We're happy to say we've done hundreds of sidewalk repair jobs in the Bronx spanning all neighborhoods. NYC Sidewalk repair does work anywhere in the Bronx no matter how far. Our team has specialized in sidewalk repair in the Bronx for over 30 years.
We cater to YOU, the customer for any sidewalk repair, walkway, or driveway needs.
Our team of professionals will make sure you are given the best customer service and advice on what YOUR needs are. We treat you like a customer and not another job. Whether it's a large replacement of an entire sidewalk or just a small repair, you are given the same attention and focus. It's what separates NYC Sidewalk Repair from the competitors and if you don't believe it, just pick up the phone and call OR fill out a simple form to get started. We take great pride in serving our customers in the Bronx and it's why sidewalk repairs in the Bronx is a big focus for us.

Bronx, NY

Bronx Neighborhood map
The Bronx, New York, is a borough that's humming with life, stories, and a whole lot of character. It's a place where old-school charm meets a fresh, dynamic energy. From the echoes of legendary games at Yankee Stadium to the lush, peaceful trails of the New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx offers a colorful palette of experiences to anyone who visits.

The borough is a hotspot of cultural diversity, serving up a mix of historical landmarks, vibrant neighborhoods, and, of course, a culinary journey that’ll take your taste buds on a worldwide tour. Whether it's feasting on Italian delicacies on Arthur Avenue or grooving to the beats at a lively Puerto Rican festival, there's always something happening around the corner.

Now, the sidewalks of the Bronx? They're the unsung heroes, guiding you through the pulsating heart of the borough. They're not just pathways but also front-row seats to the day-to-day hustle and lively spirit of the area. You'll find yourself wandering through bustling markets, energetic festivals, and maybe even a spontaneous street performance or two. That's why it's important we keep these sidewalks safe and free from any trip hazards.

Every step on a Bronx sidewalk brings you closer to the community, the culture, and the unmistakable rhythm of the borough. It's where paths cross between the old and the new, the calm and the vibrant, connecting each unique pocket and providing a stage where the diverse tapestry of Bronx life unfolds.

Recent Work in the Bronx

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Bronx, NY Stats

Most common reason for repair: DOT Sidewalk Violation
Average square footage of job: 
600 sq. ft
Average # of Sidewalk Flags Repaired: 24
Average Days to Complete Work: 7
Bronx Population: 1,427,000
Bronx Population Density: 34,920 per square mile
# of Streets in Bronx: 1,556
# of sidewalks repaired in Bronx: 700+

Bronx Sidewalk Repair - Resources

Need help reading your violation notice? Give us a call today!
NYC DOT Sidewalks Information
311 Sidewalk Violation and Repair
NYC Gov Parks and Forestry

Our Service Area

We're happy to serve these beautiful neighborhoods in the Bronx
  • Fordham-Bronx Park
  • Norwood
  • Pelham Parkway
  • Highbridge
  • Kingsbridge Heights/Bedford
  • Hunts Point
  • Morris Heights
  • Soundview
  • Mott Haven
  • University Heights
  • Belmont
  • Castle Hill
  • Concourse
  • East Tremont
  • Fordham
  • Longwood
  • Melrose
  • Morrisania
  • Parkchester
  • Wakefield
  • ...and many more!
Service Area Zip codes in Bronx, New York:

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Sidewalk Repair Contractors in Bronx - It's Our Passion

Besides our work ethic and dedication, the quality of work we do is second to none. We have perfected this craft and with each job, we add another feather to our cap. This is our focus and it's why we don't venture into different types of work. Where some may claim they are a jack of several trades, we're proud to say Sidewalk Repair is a master in one and it's the one Sidewalk Repair and concrete repair world. The work we do will help make our neighborhoods safer and also look better. Who doesn't want a nice sidewalk to walk on?! 🙂

We help solve your sidewalk problems as a professional sidewalk contractor in the Bronx. Whether you're looking to install a new sidewalk or repair an old one, you've come to the right place as we consider ourselves sidewalk repair experts! We have been repairing all types of concretes for over 30 years and our results speak for themselves. Getting a NYC DOT Sidewalk violation is never a good thing. Most times the city will request you repair the sidewalk and curb as it's your legal responsibility. From small cracks in the concrete to large trip hazards caused by trees, the city wants to ensure our sidewalks are safe and avoiding injuries for all pedestrians. They want all damaged sidewalks fixed to prevent any possible injuries. No matter if it's a residential or commercial property, the same rules apply.

As per the DOT: "Under Section 19-152 of New York's Administrative Code, property owners are responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining sidewalks adjoining their properties. "

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