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Whether you're looking to repair your sidewalk because you received a violation from the DOT, have trouble renewing an insurance policy or just want to repair/replace an old sidewalk on your property, we can help.
NYC Sidewalk Repair has been fixing sidewalks all over New York City for over 30 years. We've completed over 1,000 jobs and have removed thousands of violations. We'd love the opportunity to repair your sidewalk - please give us a call today for the fastest way to receive an estimate. If you agree to the estimate, we can schedule to come out and do the repairs, leaving you satisfied, your violation removed and property looking beautiful. We work with all types of property owners, commercial or residential.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will it take to repair my sidewalk?
Typically, we can be at your location within a week or less to repair your sidewalk. If you need the repairs done sooner, you can always request to see if we can move jobs around to accommodate your schedule.
How do I get rid of a sidewalk violation in NYC?
To remove a sidewalk violation in NYC, you need to repair your sidewalk according to the violation diagram. The violation notice has a diagram showing you exactly which sidewalk flags or pieces need to be fixed. Once you fix these issues, you can call 311 to get a DOT inspector to visit your sidewalk to dismiss the sidewalk violation.
Does NYC pay for Sidewalk Repair?
No, NYC does not pay for sidewalk repairs. That is the responsibility of homeowners.
What is the free sidewalk repair program in NYC?
The NYC Parks Department has a sidewalk repair program that can help repair damaged sidewalks caused by tree roots. This only applies to residential homes that are occupied by the homeowner. 
Do You Check Cash or Check?
We accept cash, check or any banking transfer.
How much does it cost to fix my sidewalk?
It can cost $1,500 to $10,000 to repair your sidewalk depending on how many square feet you are looking to repair.
Do you get all of the permits from DOT?
Yes, before we begin any job, we always obtain all necessary permits to repair your sidewalk.
Do you also fix and replace the curbs?
Yes, we will fix any and all types of curbs depending on the scope of the project.
Who Fixes sidewalks in NYC?
Concrete Contractors repair sidewalks in NYC. If you receive a violation, you are responsible for fixing your sidewalk within 75 days, otherwise NYC DOT will fix it and charge you. Typically their rates are higher than a private contractor.
How do you fix a broken sidewalk?
Typically, homeowners hire private concrete contractors such as NYC Sidewalk Repair to fix their sidewalks so it can be done professionally and with the right type of concrete.

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