We specialize in Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn

We serve all areas of Brooklyn and have been repairing sidewalks here for over 30 years. Our company began out of a Brooklyn basement and we love making our neighborhoods not only look better but also safer.
Sidewalk repair Brooklyn has been a big focus for us over the last few decades with thousands of jobs under our belt.

We know the importance us Brooklynites have in making sure our sidewalks are looking great. Brooklyn is a large city...so large that if it was considered an independent city it would be considered the 4th most populous in the entire country! That being the case, the sidewalks in Brooklyn have more mileage on them than most other cities. That being the case, NYC Sidewalk Repair is very experienced in repairing sidewalks in Brooklyn.

Repairing a sidewalk in Brooklyn has a few requirements in order to complete the project.

    Making sure the necessary permits are obtained.
    All sidewalk defects have been removed.
    Expansion joins have been installed, sealed and are level with the sidewalk that is being repaired.
    If a pedestrian ramp is being repaired, ensuring the that the detectable warning tiles are installed.
    Making sure the entire sidewalk is visible for dismissal inspection.

This is why you should use a trusted Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn contractor like NYC Sidewalk Repair. We'll take care of each of these issues and ensure everything is completed according to NYC DOT rules.

With NYC Sidewalk Repair, we take care of all of the issues you may have. We take pride in providing a quick and seamless experience but at the same time doing the best job without breaking your bank.
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Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn