We specialize in Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn

We serve all areas of Brooklyn and have been repairing sidewalks here for over 30 years. Our company began out of a Brooklyn basement and we love making our neighborhoods not only look better but also safer.
Sidewalk repair Brooklyn has been a big focus for us over the last few decades with thousands of jobs under our belt. Whether it's a small sidewalk repair fix, you need to replace the entire sidewalk or have a damaged driveway, we'll help make your property look great! We've been in the construction business for many years and have specialized in broken concrete throughout New York.

We know the importance us Brooklynites have in making sure our sidewalks are looking great. Brooklyn is a large city, so large that if it was considered an independent city it would be considered the 4th most populous in the entire country! That being the case, the sidewalks in Brooklyn have more mileage on them than most other cities. That being the case, NYC Sidewalk Repair is very experienced in repairing sidewalks in Brooklyn.

To repair a sidewalk or driveway in Brooklyn you need to make sure you meet some requirements in order to complete the project.

    Making sure the necessary permits are obtained.
    All sidewalk defects have been removed.
    Expansion joins have been installed, sealed and are level with the sidewalk that is being repaired.
    If a pedestrian ramp is being repaired, ensuring the that the detectable warning tiles are installed.
    Making sure the entire sidewalk is visible for dismissal inspection.

This is why you should use a trusted Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn contractor like NYC Sidewalk Repair. We'll take care of each of these issues and ensure everything is completed according to NYC DOT rules.

Many times a sidewalk trip hazard goes unnoticed until someone actually gets hurt as a result of negligence. Even if it's a residential or commercial property, you are responsible and must fix your sidewalk. It does not need to be appealing but needs to be safe for all pedestrians. The last thing you need is a legal case due to your sidewalk. It's worth the small price now to repair the damaged concrete today and not have to deal with it later. This includes the curb as it's part of the property owner's responsibility. NYC DOT tries to avoid this from happening, and why they give violation notices to property owners to have them fix it before someone does trip and fall. You may think this is a nuisance but it may be saving you many headaches for years to come. Make sure your sidewalk is trip hazard-free - this includes any tree roots that damaged your sidewalk.

Choosing a professional sidewalk repair contractor

It's not easy finding a professional sidewalk repair contractor. Many businesses may claim to be cheaper but it's important to verify the quality of their work. Some sidewalk repairs may look fine early on, but many times there may be a defect due to using low-grade concrete and can be costly later as the concrete will crack and break apart. The damaged area starts off small but as the weather changes, it will only get worse. This is why it's critical to find an expert in this field that can give you peace of mind for years to come. You want to ensure your sidewalk or walkway is safe for all pedestrians in New York City and that's why it's important to find a professional and experienced contractor that has the proper license and insurance.

NYC Sidewalk Repair is all of that and does the work at a reasonable cost to the property owner. Whether it's a damaged sidewalk, driveway, or even foundation, we will ensure to leave all of our customers more than satisfied.

With NYC Sidewalk Repair, we take care of all of the issues and damaged concrete you may have. We take pride in providing a quick and seamless experience but at the same time doing the best job without breaking your bank.
If you're the owner of a property in need of sidewalk repair, please give us a call today 718-301-8242 or complete our quick and easy form to get a FREE Sidewalk Repair Estimate now.

Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn